What’s Your Color?

As women most of us have a favorite color of  some sorts. Be it orange, yellow, pink, blue or green. These colors are visible in our clothing, accessories and even our hair. (LOL) The splash of color seems to make the dullest and most drab room come alive in an instant! Add a splash of red, add a splash of blue and watch things come alive!

Just as a touch of color adds life, flavor and excitement, so should we. No matter where we are and who we are around, we should strive to add some color and leave the place a little better than what we found it, just as Girl Scouts do.

Have you every notice people with a “bright” personality or  heard someone referred to as a “colorful” personality? When you think about it, this person REALLY does add some “color” in the lives of others, just with shaking things up a bit! Colorful personalities seem to have an innate ability to change the mood of an activity, or even change the direction of a ‘tude going south.

Color can also be thought of as light as the scriptures put it. (Matthew 5:16) Light illuminates and brings forth clarity and makes all things evident. Color can also make that which is in the background seemingly arise to the forefront when a little color and light is shed.

To make it fun, I have favorite colors that represent how I want to touch the lives of people I meet. My favorite colors are red, purple and green. These colors represent a distinct component of my personality that I desire to spread throughout this land.

Red represents ENERGY and LOVE. It represents essentials most individuals desire and need. I want to energize and stimulate every person I meet on this journey of life. I want to spread love!

Purple represents ROYALTY! I believe everyone is a Queen or King, a Princess or Prince. Whether or not this person chooses to display his or her royalty at this point of life, my mission is to guide them in discovering and embracing the royalty within.

Green represents all things LIVING! It is a representation that the necessary chemical makeup for life are in you! Since the chemical makeup says you are alive, we should live, love and laugh for a life well-lived!

Those are my colors, what’s yours and how do they represent you?

Be Queenly, Be Confident,


“Ms. Queenly and Confident”


One Response to What’s Your Color?

  1. I tend belittle’ mylesf . try notice flaws , [such personality,humor,spirit] , maybe those less forutnate [ always helps feel better I someone need][Hope !]

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