3 Qualities of Purposeful Women

3 Qualities of Purposeful Women

From L to R: Kendall, Valerie and Myself-Learn what inspires us at http://catherines.com/GetInspired

A special thank you to Catherine’s for sponsoring this post.


This spring I was invited by Catherine’s to participate in their fall campaign featuring women living inspiring lives.  A VERY unexpected honor that still blows my mind to this day!

While in Cape May, New Jersey I had the honor of meeting the 4 other women chosen, along with their special guests for a styling session unlike anything I’ve every experienced.

The are women of purpose, who are inspiring the world in their respective fields, determined to make an impact the world won’t soon forget.  Purposeful women adore meeting other purposeful women!  They enjoy authentic connections and opportunities to just be, while celebrating and encouraging other purposeful women.

The Catherine’s Plus Sizes Inspired Lives project presented THE perfect opportunity to meet beautiful women flourishing in purpose.  Although the time we spent in New               Jersey was short, I quickly realized there are specific qualities purposeful women possess.  Check it!

From L to R:  Kendall, Nilda and Barbara. Learn how they are inspired at: http://catherines.com/GetInspired
  1. Their light attracts other light.  The light attracts the bright, bubbly, energetic, free-spirited, extroverted all around Pollyanna at times who wants to see, hear, taste, smell and experience the good of the world. (That would be me 🙂 )  Purposeful women desire and attract people carrying out their God-given life. It’s like a reunion no matter their individual journeys and they bond easily, nothing forced everything genuine.

2. They are naturally encouraging.  If you ever need reassurance or a vote a confidence in your life, connect with a person of purpose.  Because motivation and inspiration are at their core.  Encouragement and wisdom flow naturally, sometimes solicited other times unsolicited.  It’s only because they truly care.  Embrace it.

3.  They are comfortable in their skin. There is such a peace to loving who you are.  Loving yourself has little to do with outward appearance, but more so those things we do to holistically care for ourselves from the inside out.  Purposeful women aren’t really pressured by trends, styles or labels. They tend to adopt a classic style and stick to it without deviating too far from their style lane.  I find purposeful women sometimes are trend-setters allowing others to follow along at their discretion.

My experience with Barbara, Kendall, Nilda and Valerie was nothing short of amazing.  Also, working with these ladies was a GREAT opportunity to be inspired, encouraged and uplifted by other women who have chosen to change the world for the good of mankind.  Lastly, meeting these women and being selected by Catherine’s reaffirms the work God has given me.  The opportunity felt like an reward during this season of life. Thank you God for still choosing me.  #SendGloryUp





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