Finding Joy in Contentment  #InchesOfInspiration

Finding Joy in Contentment #InchesOfInspiration

Contentment is not settling for what you have, but learning to be grateful as your prepare for your next. ~Zakiya!
Contentment is not settling, but learning to be grateful as your prepare for your next. ~Zakiya!
It’s been a while since I actually wrote a blog, but today I felt a need to place this post in my own space. 😉 😉 😉 .
Learning to see the most unfortunate situations working for my good has been nothing but the aid of the Holy Spirit operating in my life! Chile if you only knew! It hasn’t always been like that for me-a girl who has for many years got what she wanted and felt entitled to many things.
Being in a place of God humbleness presents undiscovered courage and unique strength you never knew existed. Although you have not a clue of what God is doing, you experience a deeper level of faith by trusting in God’s perfect plan for your life.  We also experience what Paul meant in Philippians 4:12 about contentment no matter our state or plight in life.
In a world that encourages us to get and want more, the idea of having little or just our “needs” being met, seems like a way of life that would stretch many of us. However, many people are reminded of their “just enough” for it is their present reality.
What I know for sure is when we surrender our strength to God’s strength, we learn He can do a lot more with a little than we can with a bunch of stuff we think we have or need.  Trust me on this!   He truly doesn’t need our help, but a heart that is willing to let His will be our desire.  #InProgress

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  1. Yes, Z! I’m just now reading this. This is so true! We must know that whatever state we’re in, having little or having much, God is always our source. He’ll provide us with wisdom under any circumstance by the Holy Spirit.

  2. Wow! I was just reading this morning about Gideon and how God had to reduce Isreal’s army to conquer Midian so they wouldn’t boast that they defeated the army instead of God. God made it so they HAD to rely on Him. As He does in our lives. Thanks for posting this confirmation today.

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