Frugally Fabulous Find of the Week


My #frugally #fabulous find of the week. #MichaelKors #plussize colored denim regularly $79.50 my price $20 !  I picked up these cuties Tuesday on a random visit to TJ Maxx. I love being a Maxxtanista! You can always find quality designer brands at fair prices. Depending on the store the curvy girl section can be spectacular, filled with many fabulous pieces for the perfect fit.  I love T.J. Maxx because, it puts some of the finer things of life within grasps. (In my Eartha Kitt voice) LOVE IT!  If you haven’t been to the Maxx lately you are sleeping on a Jewel!

Where do you go to find your BEST frugal finds?  I want to hear from you and shop there too. LOL!

English: Logo of TJ Maxx
English: Logo of TJ Maxx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and the referrals. The same applies for guys. Be sure to try the fabulous finds on because a good deal does not equal a good fit. Inspect the seams and the quality of the fabric along with any imperfections. I’d love to know what you find.
      Hope this helps!

  1. which TJ Maxx do you shop at regularly? The ones I have been too have been disappointing to say the least as far their curvy sections go

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