The Path to a Fierce Female: Are You Ready to Work?

Some people have asked what are you doing to lose weight? It is NOT a quick fix or over night remedy that can be attributed my weight loss. Believe me, it is NOT a diet, but an intentional lifestyle change that I know is necessary for me if I plan to be around here for a while.

For me lifestyle changes have nothing to do with vanity, because there is a significant change that has to take place on the inside before anything happens on the outside. It involves a consciousness of your worth and not your net worth.

It takes putting fitness and faith together so that you are a FIERCE female or male. Lifestyle changes ARE a head game. With sweat dripping, muscles aching, and head sometimes pounding I am tell myself “Get it in Queen”, ‘You got this girl”, Kick the mess out of stress. and “Honey you’re worth it”.  This talking to myself (what it really is, LOL) fuels my workouts and helps me get through.

Each time we workout, we are showing God our gratefulness for health, strength and the temple He has given you.  Gratitude is extended when we put the right things in my mouth which fuel and maintain our bodies.

Lifestyle changes are an investment! It really bothers me when people say,  “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get in shape”, but will NOT invest a membership, trainer or better food options. I know for myself  it is IMPERATIVE that I have a trainer as part of my accountability on this leg of the journey. It is a sacrifice, but I am willing to deny myself of some pleasures in order to be healthy, happy and whole, because I am worth it!

My exercise regimens are pretty intense (I think so) and I do my best to give it my all each time I step in the gym. For those of you who ask what I do here is just one of the many routines I do with and most times without the trainer. Let’s go!

Lateral Pulldown- 75lbs-30reps

Lateral Pulls-80lbs-60reps

Seated Row-50lbs-60reps

Ab Crunch-2 @60lbs-40reps and 3@70lbs-60reps—Personal Milestone day-100 crunches!

Free Weight Curls-30lbs-60reps

Hammer Curls-10lbs-60reps

Arm Lifts-10lbs-30reps

Cardio-35 minutes

So the questions have been answered now the ball is in your court. Shoot or get off the court. Want your chance to enhance your curves for a better today and an awesome tomorrow? Check out the information below and join me!

New Way 2 New You: The Curvy Girl Experience

February 12, 2012

4:00 P.M.

Gables Metropolitan
10212 Madison Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30346
$40.00 per person/Non-Member (8 Weeks)
$30.00 per person/Member (8 Weeks)
Includes initial product pack, program
materials, weekly workout, healthy
meals, weekly health tips & weekly
conferencing support.
Attire: Athletic
Want more information contact Zakiya @ 404.981.1651

To Your Royal Life,


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