What Keeps You Up At Night?

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Talk to Me! What Keeps You Up At Night? I received ZzzQuil complimentary to test/review from Influenster.

Lets talk about sleep.  Over the years I’ve experienced life being life keeping me awake over the years. There have been many reasons why I lose sleep, but there’s one thing in particular which basically prevents me from catching the  zzzs as needed.  Let me tell you what that is.

While I always thought I was open to change, as life presented change, I slowly saw where I was resistant to change.  This became very real to me right before leaving Girl Scouts as there was a tremendous amount of change coming through and I wasn’t dealing well.

Part of this fear came in understanding how I would fit into the changes taking place or if I’d do well in the change.  Change sounded good and I could play the role, but deep down it was horrible!
What I soon came to acknowledge is my challenge with change was worry.  Worry was a thief of the present opportunities afforded and I was letting it have its way.  Worry robbed me of today’s joy.  It caused an unhealthy preoccupation with the future that left me (if not addressed) in dysfunction and spiritual chaos.  I knew there was a better way of dealing with my worry and stressing sure wasn’t the remedy.

As a way of dealing with worry,  journaling became my outlet for worrying.   Journaling allows me to express my feelings about the moment without fret of judgement or worry about another  human beings opinion.  While journaling is not a favorite for some, it gives me instant relief and relieves the pressure of the mind.
Here are a few entries from an expressive journaling session I wrote about uncertainty.


1. But what do you do when life keeps you awake or the uncertainty of the next day awaits you like the pit bull across the street. You fear it will devour you and tear you apart like the bill in the mail you hope will go away.
2.  What do you do when your bright future turns into bleeps and blinks that soon leave you scared to think about the next minute, the next hour or let alone the next day because you’re still twisted from the source taste of yesterday’s lemons.

Adjusting to life’s transitions may call for a little sleep assistance and this is where #ZzzQuil’s non habit-forming sleep-aid may help.  Life happens and ZzzQuil is here to help!

What has a tendency to keep you awake at night and how do you deal with losing a few zzzs?

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