What’s Your Church Flow?

I’m back with some fashion tips. This time let’s discussion fashion and your church flow.

And I want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes. 1 Timothy 2:9 NLT (2007)

Circa 1982 (?) Tabernacle Baptist Church. That’s me to the far right all spit, shined with my mom and siblings. RIP Uganda!

Since I was a girl I’ve LOVED dressing up. Sunday was probably my fav because I was girly girl and I like dressing up and feeling cute.  From coordinated hair barrettes to flowing bows. my mother had us decked down. These days church attire aka church flow comes in a variety of styles. From the very tradition look of a dresses with stockings to the comfy casual of jeans and tee you see it all in the house of worship.

As churches are more accepting of a variety of attire, I think its’ fitting to recognize just as there are codes of dress for business, school etc., the same applies the house of worship. Now don’t get me wrong. I am NOT saying you need to wrap up from head to toe, but modesty is always acceptable in any environment.

Sharon in the Gorgeous Green dress. I tried to get this dress off her, but she refused. LOL!

Consider these 3 points when considering your church flow.

1. Modesty is marvelous.

When considering your church flow, keep in mind that worship should not be the Mt.//#?*3  Church or the &*(3@ Worship Center fashion show. You can be stylish without causing distractions or someone to fall. Now you know we keep it real here, but modesty is always marvelous for the Queenly and Confident woman.

The "mothas" in white. I see those itchy stockings. LOL!

2. If you wore it to the club it may not be a good fit for church.

Now I am not one to believe that once Christ comes into our lives BOOM we are instantly changed. Keeping it real, it doesn’t work like that for many of us. WORD! However, I do believe that minis, halters, daisy dukes and the likes, have a place, not at worship. Keep in mind if this is all you have for now, still go and enhance your wardrobe as you can. Not having “church clothes” (whatever that is…rolling my eyes) is not an excuse for assembling with other believers.

Couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cute in my $5 dollar dress. Dress and shoes courtesy of VirtuousStyls. Check her out she always has goodies http://virtuousstyls.com .

3. Press pause on the prints.

Ladies if you’re like me, at any given time I may experience a weight or water gain. When this happens, my clothes have a tendency to hug my butt, belly or breasts more than usual. When this happens I try not to wear those particular pieces and replace the clothes with something looser. Tight fitting clothing is not appropriate anywhere. It is not becoming and presents a negative image of you. Press pause on body part prints.

Jeans and looking clean!

Consider this…

In the church we often hear “Come as You Are,” but does that apply to the outward appearance or the inward condition of the heart? What’s your take? I’d love to hear your feed back in the comments.

Shoegame in gray!
Showgame in Rouge!

To Your Royal Life,


5 Responses to What’s Your Church Flow?

  1. Very good! I love looking good but I sure don’t know what to wear,oh to Church yes but out and about duh! I’ve come down from a size 22 back to 18’s now and I don’t feel pretty in nothing. I love your red shoes that is my favorite color,and believe it or not our hair is the same color,I’m doing touch ups tomorrow,well it’s a little late and my sleep is coming down! I am so enjoying you and the encouragement you’re putting out here come visit me soon.
    Love you 😀

    • Hi Pat and thanks for stopping by! You wear what you feel! Some days I am comfortable in a skirt and top where other day jeans do the trick. With jeans you have various options to be sassy by adding heels or keep it moving with gym shoes. Every woman has style, we some times need help discovering what style fits us BEST. Hope this helps and Happy New Year!

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